Pagodas & Walkways

Our Chinese Hat Pagodas can either be used to create fabulous entrances to a larger marquee or as stand alone tents. They can be used to serve reception drinks from, as a bar area, an area for coats and presents or as a separate chill out area away from the main marquee of an event - a quiet rest space with sofas and comfy chairs.

They can be used with or without walls and lined and lit for special effects. For parties of up to 80 people 2 pagodas can be joined together to create a fun, lovely looking tent. We can also construct walkways to link a marquee to a building or to another marquee.

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Two 6m x 6m Pagodas as a bar

Two 6m x 6m Pagodas as a dining tent

6m x 6m Entrance Pagoda