Traditional Poled Marquees

Be Upstanding provides stunning traditional poled marquees which are very popular for weddings and parties. They are romantic and they have the beautiful outlines of the classic English marquee - perfect for when that little extra elegance is required.

These marquees have huge character and can be used formally or informally. They can be lined for a smarter, more classical look but also particularly lend themselves to being unlined for a more rustic, relaxed, country look.

The King poles can be decorated with bunting, flowers and fairy lights. They come with fabulous panoramic windows which give wonderful views and bring the garden into the marquee.

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70' x 30' & 120' x 40' Traditional Poled Marquees with 20' x 20' Pagoda

90' x 30' Traditional Poled Marquee

80' x 40' Traditional Poled Marquee